How to Stake in Syrup Pools

Staking in Syrup Pools lets you earn DonutSwap or other tokens even while you snooze!

This is far simpler than farming with DonutSwap Yield Farms. Contrary to the farms, all you need is to stake one token, generally $DONUT, to begin earning.

Here's how to get started with Syrup Pool staking:

  1. Navigate to the Pools page here.

  2. Click on the "Connect" button at the top right-hand side to connect your ERC-20-compatible wallet.

  3. Click "Unlock Wallet."

  4. Select the Syrup Pool in which you wish to stake. Auto DONUT automatically compounds your rewards: any $DONUT you earn will be harvested and reinvested into the same pool on your behalf. Manual DONUT doesnโ€™t auto-compound like Auto DONUT. You'll need to manually harvest and compound your earnings. Other Syrup Pools allow you to stake your $DONUT to earn an array of exciting tokens. Be sure to explore them.

  5. After selecting a pool, click the "Enable" button. Your wallet will request your approval for the action.

  6. The "Enable" button should now be replaced with "Stake." Click the button to open the staking menu.

  7. Enter an amount or use the slider to choose how much $DONUT you wish to stake.

  8. Click "Confirm." Your wallet will request your confirmation for the action.

  9. The "Confirm" button will change to "Confirming," then, once the transaction is successful, your staked amount will change and the button will switch again.

  10. You should now be able to see details about your Syrup Pool. Auto DONUT will display a countdown until the unstaking fee ends. Other pools will show a "Collect" button to claim your staking rewards into your wallet.

How to add and remove $DONUT from a pool:

You can conveniently add more $DONUT to a Syrup Pool or transfer some $DONUT to a more profitable pool. Here's how you can shift your staked $DONUT:

  1. Click on the "-" to withdraw some $DONUT from a pool, or the "+" to add more to the pool. Please note that unstaking from the Auto DONUT pool carries a fee of 0.1% if you unstake within 72 hours.

  2. A window will open. If you clicked "+," select the amount you wish to add to the pool. If you clicked "-", select the amount to withdraw from the pool.

  3. Click "Confirm."

  4. After a short wait, you'll be able to see your new amount of staked tokens.

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